This website has been the starting point for numerous contacts with relatives in the USA and the question of how the family relationships are very quickly arose. The search for the relevant documents has thus started. It was an advantage that in the beginning parents and other relatives who could be asked were still alive. There have already been books and printouts of family research. The contributions by Helmi Thiele and Johann Wolterink from Upgant-Schott were particularly helpful. In tireless work they have studied a many church registers and kindly shared their results with the family members. The oldest known ancestors of the ENNINGA family are the married couple Emme Rollfs (1685 – 1738) and Elske Hayen (1685 – 1752).

Further results have been the clarification of the family relationships with the numerous members of the Enninga family in the USA. Finally, in 2017 there was a meeting between Gary and Mary Enninga from Elko New Market, MN and Gerd Enninga from German state Schleswig-Holstein.

All the results collected so far are available as printouts, photos or electronically in the form of Word and GEDCOM files. And an online project (www.Enninga.Myheritage.Com) has been launched at MyHeritage since 2009. Please understand that there is an access control.


Genealogy in the broader sense denotes the genetic connection of a group of living beings, in the narrower sense family history research, popularly genealogy, which is an auxiliary historical science. Genealogy is concerned with the descent of a living being from other living beings.

The research results are presented in genealogical tables with both ascending (ascending, ancestor) and descending (descending, descending) content. Both directions can be in the form of a table or a list. The ascending line is referred to as a pedigree or ancestor list, the descending line is referred to as a descendant or descendant list.

The family name ENNINGA is located in north-west Germany – in East Friesland. Bearers of this relatively rare name are also known in the federal states of Schleswig-Holstein and Hesse. Abroad there are Enninga’s in the USA and in the Netherlands. A family coat of arms is not known.